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Monday, May 17, 2010

Solving the "Marketplace" Business Model

I came across an interesting article today about how to solve the "marketplace" business model issue. The article was posted on A Smart Bear and you can read the full text here. I wanted to share it with the Good Dinosaur collective, perhaps a rousing entrepreneurial discussion will ensue.

There are several inherent difficulties in establishing a market place:

  • You have a double-sided market that you must capture. This is also known as the chicken and egg problem.

  • Your venture itself must be two companies in one, appealing to both sides independently to win adoption.

  • Size can matter. You often can't bootstrap your way to success when it comes to market place establishment. It can be a go big (and spend big!), or go home situation.

The article discusses several viable ways to persever over these challenges, such as attempting to build up the supply side of your market first by offering incentives or targeting a specific niche so you can carve out a space for yourself.

At CollegeJobConnect, we've experienced the challenges in establishing a market place, so this article rings especially true. We are currently pursuing several campaigns to build our roster of companies that want to leverage us for undergraduate recruitment come the fall (attack the supply side). We are also setting up several student affiliate programs at our target schools to increase undergraduate adoption (win both sides in parallel, carve out our niche, scale up quickly).

I'd be more than happy to discuss at length with anyone that is interested. And if you know enterprising undergraduates that are interested in working with our startup, please let me know. Exciting stuff!


Becca said...

I love good dinosaur!

historypak said...

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Unknown said...

Your marketplace is every nook and cranny within a 15-minute drive-time radius of your office. Study it. Know it. Alex Mirza

rezadastgozin said...

Het was geweldig. We hebben genoten.

Door een mobiele applicatie te ontwerpen, krijgt u de mogelijkheid om meer te communiceren en toegang te krijgen tot uw klanten.

U kunt contact opnemen met het gespecialiseerde team van Nexoz.

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