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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Calling It: Halloween 2009

I'm calling it. I feel that it is necessary. Let me explain. Over the past weekend I went to see a movie and one of the previews was for an up coming movie that I'm quite excited about. I'm talking about Where the Wild Things Are, the beloved children's book that is being adapted to the big screen. While there are several examples of similar efforts completely and spectacularly failing in the past, I believe this will be a great movie and I could not envision a better director than Spike Jonze to bring this book to life. The movie is set to premier on the 16th of October, 2009.

So what is the problem here? Well, I have a long tradition of picking Halloween costumes well ahead of time. I attempt to identify a creative, below-the-radar option that people will take one look at, slap their forehead, and exclaim, "Oh my god, that is great!" For example, I went as Hansel from Zoolander most recently.

I believe the re-popularization this movie will bring and its release date's close proximity to Halloween itself are set to produce the perfect storm that will topple my well laid plans. Back in March, I decided this Halloween I would go as Max. I now fear that I will be but one in a sea of impostors on All Hallows Eve!

So, I'm calling it, via the interweb, that I had this idea well before and am not simply jumping on the Wild Bandwagon. Anyone else have good costume idea that he/she would like to call now (post in comment below)?


Gary said...

Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen!

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