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Friday, March 5, 2010

Thoughts: The Marriage Ref

Everyone's family is crazy. We all argue about the stupidest things. We get into heated arguments over things that are absolutely trivial.

To this day, my mother still hounds me about a head board that I used (and lost) freshman year of college to prevent my head from touching a stupidly unsafe in-wall heater positioned directly above my bed. I can tell you this for sure, that piece of furniture is long, long gone. It has been 9 years since our tragic loss. But yet, my mom will sling a "Jeff, have you figured out where it is?" or a "can you go back to your old dorm and check for it?" every now and again. Once we get going down this road, the discussion quickly devolves into how careless I am and how insane she is. I guarantee you, if she reads this posting, I will get a call. It will start off with some laughing and banter (Mom: "Oh ha ha, you are funny, I don't care about that stuff, I don't act like that ha ha") and will end along the lines of "Well Jeff, don't come back up to Vermont until you find that damn head board. You ruined your bed and don't even care" (hangs up the phone).

Seeking to capitalize on everyday squabbles such as these, the NBC braintrust unleashed a new show called "The Marriage Ref" where a panel of hosts reviews a family's fight and then declares a winner (and, more importantly, a loser). The first show had a star-studded line up, featuring funny woman Tina Fay, funny man Jerry Seinfeld, and all around beauty, Eva Longoria. Jerry Seinfield is also the shows executive producer, so it has to be good, right? Nope. I'm not a buyer.

Why not? I couldn't put my figure on it initially. My family gets into fights that are equally, if not more, stupid, silly, and annoying than the ones presented. And I certainly don't have Mr. Seinfeld or Mrs. Fay providing witty commentary or funny insights. But I just couldn't watch this show. I wanted to break my TV. Then I realized why.

Even though my family gets into its fair share of absolutely inane arguments that would fit in nicely with the ones presented by the show, I love my family and can thus deal with the complaining, the fighting, the absurd whatevers that inevitably take place. I don't love the families presented. Not at all. I can look back at past personal family feuds and smile and laugh. Our problems seem funny. But, without my love for the individuals involved, there is nothing keeping my inner Hulk from becoming immensely angered and annoyed, so I really don't see this show ever agreeing with me. Anyone else watch this show and have opinions?

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